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ClicknClear is a global marketplace providing pre-cleared, legally licensed music for sports teams to use alongside sports performances. The music we provide is readily available for use by either the teams themselves or music producers who assist in the mixing process. For music use in these circumstances to be legal, licenses must be obtained by the party who will use the music.



ClicknClear have negotiated deals with rightsholders for the rights necessary for sports. Once the music is cleared and we have a copy, we upload it onto our platform so you can legally edit and adapt the music into a mix for routines. We also clear the rights so you can legally put music to a choreographed routine. We cater to sports including Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, BodyBuilding, Pole Fitness, Pom, Dance and more. 

You can see some of our Rightsholders here

You can view an example of our EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) here



Licensing music on ClicknClear couldn’t be simpler. We’ve done all the hard work of negotiating with Rightsholders so all you need to do is browse the catalogue, listen to the music, license it and mix it, knowing you are 100% legally covered!

License fees start from $15 (£12 ex VAT) per song.

Start listening now.


New to Music Licensing?

This short video explains all the basics you need to know!

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